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The Cardinal Guide to Cologne: A Brief History

Where does cologne come from? What's the history of perfume? Few things compare to catching a whiff of a familiar fra...

Let's Talk About Hair Wax for Men

No matter what the major fashion brands tell you: ‘cool’ is simply something you cannot buy. Bummer – we know. But th...

Best Hair Clay: The Cardinal Brand Hair Product

Best Hair Clay When it comes to the best hair clay out there, it's The Cardinal Brand's ATLAS matte clay. There are a...

The Cardinal Brand is now shipping!

THANK YOU.  We have started receiving messages and texts with pictures of your orders coming in and it makes us so h...
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Why is everything out of stock?

We've rebranded! Same products, different name and slightly different packaging. Check out the new look at a better price point at atlashair.com

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New Store! Welcome to Atlas.

New name, same great products.
We've updated our branding and packaging to offer a better-priced lineup of products. We're excited about the next chapter in our company's story, and are positive you'll feel right at home with the new brand.

Again, nothing has changed with the ingredients or functionality. Looking for the gray can of Matte Texture Clay? Pick up the gray one at atlashair.com


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